As employee owners, our goal is to be the preferred mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and service contractor.

Serving Virginia Since 1922

employee owned

For more than 100 years, we have provided reliable, top-quality service to commercial and industrial clients in the health care, manufacturing, research development, higher education, and hospitality industries.

How Can We Help You?

paid apprenticeship

A 100 percent employee-owned company, we maintain a staff of dedicated, experienced personnel who are committed to the highest standards of integrity and performance. Our ownership model has produced a culture where each employee has a vested interest in the successful completion of every project and absolute satisfaction for every client. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Preventive Maintenance & Repair Agreements
  • Electrical Installation & Service Predictive Maintenance
  • Medical Gas Certified
  • Boiler Service
  • Air & Water Balancing
  • Chiller Service
  • Certified Backflow
  • Certified VFD
  • Operations Agreements
  • Computer Room Units
  • Remote Monitoring

What We Do



leed certified sustainable construction


building information model


commercial hvac service


mechanical and electrical prefabrication


special projects




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Have you ever wondered what happens inside a fabrication shop? Here’s an inside look. ...

Did you know Construction is STEM?

Most people don’t make the connection, but during October we celebrate Careers in Construction Month and share stories, statistics, and bust myths about what it’s like to work in our industry. Follow us here and on our Instagram and TikTok pages to learn about all the opportunities and careers in construction. #CICM

Learning a trade is something that can never be taken away. For over 25 years, our experienced employee owners love to share their knowledge in our apprenticeship program, and with great leadership skills, they inspire the next generation. #BuildingLegacies ...

Using our new Trimble units, we are able to significantly benefit the construction side of our projects.
The traditional way of doing this work may require two to four skilled workers, a lot of time, and could still end up inaccurate. Thanks to the Trimble scanners, we are able to be more efficient and precise, speeding up the construction process.

Dependable and precise. Our employee owners touch every piece of prefab work before it leaves our shop, which ensures a high-quality product. #BuildingLegacies ...

Happy Independence Day! We hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday. ...

While most people will never get to see it, this separate building outside of our Mecklenburg HS project is a major part of what keeps the school functioning. #BuildingLegacies ...

Collaborative and innovative, our employee owners work hard through Building Information Modeling (BIM) to ensure that all parts of the project are placed correctly. #BuildingLegacies ...

Machine Shop Paradise ...

An aesthetic we're proud of. These pipes run electricity from a central energy plant to the main building at our Carilion project. #BuildingLegacies ...

Focused on every aspect, our team of experienced welders make sure that every pipe, weld, and cut that comes out of our fabrication shop is precise. #BuildingLegacies ...

Welding hands free, is kind of addicting. #BuildingLegacies ...

What's better than a bird's eye view? This photo of some Aquatherm pipe was taken from the top of the new rooftop units we installed at our Carilion CEP project! #BuildingLegacies ...

Our experienced employee owners are part of the reason we provide quality duct from our prefabrication shop. #BuildingLegacies ...

Women are capable leaders! Construction is a perfect opportunity for anyone who has a passion for the industry. #WICWeek2022 #WomenInConstruction #BuildingLegacies ...

One thing we are proud of in our industry is that the pay gap between male and female workers is nearly nonexistent. Women make 99.1% of what men make in the construction industry! #WICWeek2022 #WomeninConstructionWeek #BuildingLegacies ...