VMI Scott Shipp Hall

Lexington, Virginia

The project included a 28,000-square foot expansion and a complete renovation of the previously existing 68,000-square foot space. In addition to being the home to multiple departments’ classrooms and offices, including history, economics, international studies, English, rhetoric and humanistic studies, the building has a photography lab, an art studio, a 70-seat auditorium, and courtyards for outdoor study. In addition, it now holds a 3,600-square foot space for the John Adams ’71 Center for Military History and Strategic Analysis.


Virginia Military Institute

General Contractor:

Whiting Turner



Scope of Work:

  • 78,000lbs of sheet metal
  • 4,000ft Cast Iron Pipe
  • 24,961ft Plumbing Copper Pipe
  • 1,477ft SCH 40 Steel Pipe
  • 1,252ft PVC Pipe
  • 95,000ft LF MC Cable
  • 60,000ft LF Conduit
  • Three Water Heaters