Design • Build

More accurate, efficient, cost-effective construction. That’s the Design • Build difference.

The Design • Build approach to a project is, on average, 33 percent faster than a traditional Design-Bid-Build approach.

Rather than completing one phase before beginning another, Design • Build overlaps the planning, design, and construction phases of a project, resulting in faster, more affordable construction.

High-Quality Construction with Design • Build

Design • Build not only saves you time and money, it also improves the quality of your construction project. Reducing both the initial and operating costs, while using the latest technology to create the smartest design, results in a better-planned, more efficient building.

Since the project phases overlap, the approach makes the best use of the diverse knowledge of builders, as well as designers. Design • Build also improves the reliability of project startup, while minimizing operations and maintenance requirements.

Higher quality, lower cost. Experience the Design • Build difference.