Monogram Foods

With the successful procurement of our Monogram Foods project, comes a multi-million dollar scope of plumbing work. The 60,000 square foot addition is on an extreme fast-track schedule, with our field crew working seven days a week, in order to complete the project by the end of June. Project Manager, Les Williams; Superintendent, Tom Kinder; and Lead Purchasing Agent, David Mays are working together to ensure the larger, modernized beef jerky manufacturing facility will be up and running by the beginning of summer. The plumbing scope of work consists of underground sanitary, domestic water, process water, steam and condensate piping. Congratulations to Howard Woodford, Tony Williams, Josh Mills, Kevin Dance and Chris Becker, who worked together to close the deal.

Project Update: Aug. 2015

Substantial completion of the project was successfully achieved on schedule. The owner has taken occupancy and is currently conducting product testing. The general contractor, as well as the owner, are very satisfied with the quality of Hopkins’ performance on the project. We are now in the process of performing additional work at this facility, and look forward to continuing this relationship in the future.