Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center

For over 15 years GJ Hopkins has been the primary HVAC contractor and service agent for all the HVAC needs for the VTCRC. They have installed and maintain the mechanical facilities for over 26 lab, manufacturing , and technical buildings here housing some of the most advanced and technical computing services in the world, including the VT super computers as well as the VT administrative computers. In addition they provide service and maintenance for numerous computing facilities owned by the over 140 private technology companies located here in the Corporate Research Center.

We absolutely depend on the highly professional and dependable service that Hopkin s has provided and give them our very best recommendations to whoever is considering their services. Hopkins provides us not only with top-notch design services but provide the construction teams and service personnel to back up those installations and keep them in top condition – all at fair and competitiv e pricing.

You will find that the folks at Hopkins to be dedicated professionals who maintain the highest of ethical and  technical standards. In addition you will find them to be the type of people who become part of your team dedicated to doing what is best and right for you. You will also find them to be dependable and friendly, the type of people you would like to  have as neighbors. They are a crucial member of our team and we depend on them.

If you need the best in terms of technical expertise, dependable service, and high quality construction for your high tech facilities then Hopkins is where you turn to.


Paul Flemind, Ph.D.
Director of Facilities and Data Services
Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center