Technology Services Group

My first exposure to G.J. Hopkins, Inc. came during a time of crisis. A considerable size leak had developed in a large chill water line under the raised floor in our primary datacenter. At the time this was a single source datacenter supporting a large health care system. The chill water system is used for critical datacenter cooling. Our contracted service provider, while very good, did not provide plumbing repairs.  Once the source of the leak was determined, they quickly recommended G.J. Hopkins, Inc. Even though this was after business hours and GJH had no prior experience with or knowledge of our facility, they sent highly skilled staff on site almost immediately. I found their personnel to be very professional and totally committed to getting our issue resolved as quickly as possible. They put me completely at ease. I was assured they could fix the problem and would do whatever it took to get it done.  They were able to stop the leak almost immediately and within a couple of hours the repair was completed. Needless to say, a bond was built on that day!

Three years ago I was ask to lead a project to construct a backup datacenter.  Based on this past experience and subsequent investigation, I immediately ask Ernie Caldwell if GJH would participate.  This data center was to be approximately 4800 SF and designed to support a very critical, dense, high heat output, server, storage, and network environment.  I gave them basic guidelines of what I wanted to accomplish, a timeline, requirements and technologies I wanted to evaluate. I ask they come up with solutions and quotes, and ultimately required engineering, products, and installation services. The first phase of the project called for four 22 ton, and two 8 ton air conditioning units in order to me t the immediate demand.  In addition to these units, provisions were made for four additional 22 ton units that could be installed later with minimal disruption. Two of these future units have since been installed, again by GJH. These units were installed on a raised floor with an under floor air distribution system, and included a water leak detection system. All of which are tied into a web based monitoring system. Since this site is primarily a lights out operation, the monitoring system provides 24 x 365 real time alarm notifications to support staff.

The office and engineering staff of GJH was diligent in responding to the design requirements and needs of the data center.  The project manager for GJH attended all project meetings and was frequently on site to oversee the project.  The field staff was outstanding in their quality of work, professionalism and level of service provided during the project.  They took a huge burden off my shoulders. I know this may sound like a paid political announcement, but I have yet to bring up and issue with the Hopkins team that was not met with a positive response and a “we will get it done attitude”.  I have been supporting datacenter operations or leading datacenter development projects for forty years.  I can say without reservation, G.J. Hopkins, Inc. is one of the best organizations I have encountered.

It has been a pleasure to work with GJH, and I will make sure they have an opportunity to participate in any future projects under my control.


Leo Stiltner
Director, Technical Services
Technology Services Group