Higher Education Center

I am writing this letter to you to inform you of certain observations I have made concerning the work of the personne l assigned to the Roanoke Higher Education Center project. The quality of the work installed by your men has been outstanding, particularly given the extremely tight building constraints and compressed schedule of this project. The men in the field have worked like true craftsmen under difficult circumstances and the results of their work have not been lost on those who have toured the project.

My compliments extend particularly to Martin Shrewsbury who rises successfully to the challenges presented by both the engineering design and the existing building. Kelly Hubert has also shown himself to be a flexible team player who is to be commended for his communication and coordination abilities. While there have been change orders and additional costs to the owner, most of these have been due to changes made by the owner and the constraints of the existing building and the amounts requested to date have been reasonable.

Although the project is far from complete, I thought I should take this opportunity to convey to you that it is a pleasure for our firm to work with the men assigned to this project.

Mark C. McConnell, AIA
Spectrum Design