Henry County Public Schools Testimonial

I am writing this letter to thank your company, GJ Hopkins, for a job well done on finishing the Magna Vista High School HVAC renovations job. During the course of the construction, your company has shown diligence and dedication to finish work in time, which greatly benefited our students .

I realize there were many individuals working countless hours to complete this project on time. However, I would like to call special attention to the following team who was instrumental in working with our staff on a daily basis: Mike Bowling, Barry Johnson, Randy Mays, Chuck Moore, and Kendall Dodd.

There were few problems on this project, but when issues arose, each member of this team made sure they were handled in a timely manner. Their attention to the specifics of the construction as well as proper scheduling has been very remarkable, resulting in a job well done.

Again I would like to express my gratitude in providing a first class project that will benefit Henry County Public Schools for years to come. We would not hesitate to refer GJ Hopkins to other organizations that may also be in need of quality services from a contractor.

I hope that this would be the start of our continuous relationship and future success.


Keith A. Scott
Supervisor of Facilities Maintenance
Henry County Public School